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    tee jay

    SimpleReserve - Simple, easy-to-use Reserve slot plugin
    Version: v0.2.6
    Tested Builds: b556,b560,b612,b670,b677,b714,b733,b740,b766,b798,b803,b818,b860,b988,b1060

    Tired of not being able to offer VIPs reserved slots or being unable to join your own full server? SimpleReserve provides an easy way to add that functionality with Permissions(v2.5.*) support.

    NOTE: Permissions is required for this plugin to function!

    • Simple to use reserve slots plugin with Permissions(v2.5.*) support
    • Provides functionality for 2 reserve slot methods:
      • Full method: Users with 'simplereserve.enter.full' may enter past the imposed player limit
      • Kick method: Users with 'simplereserve.enter.kick' may enter a server when full by kicking the first player found that is able to be kicked. Users with the 'simplereserve.kick.prevent' permission are immune to being kicked(Utilize inheritance!)
    Download SimpleReserve:
    Newest: Latest

    Config Overview:
    The config file for SimpleReserve is very simple and will be auto-generated on first run. The file should contain:
        types: full,kick,both,none
        type: both
    The types property is only to provide you, the user with a list and is not read. "type" determines how the reserve plugin will operate.

    • full - A type of full limits the reserve plugin to allowing people with the proper Permissions to join even when the server is full.
    • kick - Conversely, a type of kick will only allow people with the proper Permissions to join a full server by kicking the first player it comes across that does not have Permission to prevent being kicked.
    • both - A type of both can use either the full server or kick method, but the full method takes precedence if a user has that Permission.
    • none - "none" type effectively eliminated the reserve slot functionality, allowing you to disable it without removing the plugin.
    • if you put something else as the type, the plugin will automatically regenerate it back to "both". Please note this.
    Permissions Overview:
    Permissions for SimpleReserve are...well...simple. There are only 3 Permissions to worry about.
    'simplereserve.enter.full' - Permission required to give "full" joining capabilities. Allows joining above limit.
    'simplereserve.enter.kick' - Permission required to allow joining full server by "kick" method--kicks first player it can.
    'simplereserve.kick.prevent' - Prevents player from being able to be kicked by someone joining using the "kick" method
    • Lets say you have 4 usergroups. Guests(default), Users, Moderators, and Admins. You want to give Admins and Moderators joining full server via "kick" method, but you only want to be able to kick at the expense of guests.
                                     default: true
                                         prefix: ''
                                         suffix: ''
                                         build: false
                                     default: false
                                         prefix: ''
                                         suffix: ''
                                         build: true
                                     inheritance: Guests
                                         - 'simplereserve.kick.prevent'
                                     default: false
                                         prefix: ''
                                         suffix: ''
                                         build: true
                                     inheritance: Users
                                         - 'simplereserve.enter.kick'
                                     default: false
                                         prefix: ''
                                         suffix: ''
                                         build: true
                                         - '*'
      Note that Users only have the prevent permission. Any groups that inherit from Users will also have the same permission.
      Now to ensure we're using the right type of reserve slot, the config.yml would look like:
                                 types: full,kick,both,none
                                 type: kick
    • Same situation but we want to be able to join over capacity instead of kicking. We only need to change Mod's 'simplereserve.enter.kick' permission to 'simplereserve.enter.full' and change "type: kick" to "type: full" in config.
    • We can also use * to allow either method, and just change the type to and from kick and full as desired.
      will allow whichever type is configured.
    • We could also allow mods to join using the kick method and admins to join using full. In config we'd set type to both, and give mods 'simplereserve.enter.kick' Permission only. In this case, Admins have both kick and full Permission, which will default to using full when both are available, and mods can join using the Permission they have.
    As you can see, almost any desirable Situation is achievable.

    Users attempting to join full server with no Permission to enter:
    User being kicked to make room for a reserved member:
    No kick-able players for "kick" join method:

    Console output for full type joining:
    20:17:46 [INFO] [SimpleReserve] Allowed player tj007razor to join full server!
    Like SimpleReserve?
    Help me out!


    Version 0.2.6
    • Removed accidentally left debug output
    • Fixed players let on past the limit as not being seen as online players
    Version 0.2.5
    • Fixed kick-joining even when reserve method is full server
    • Fixed players being kicked for kick join even with simplereserve.kick.prevent permission
    Version 0.2
    • Added kick join functionality
    • Added config file to allow choosing of what method to use
    • Added "none" option so you can easily not use the plugin without having to remove it so you may use it again later
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    • Join when server is full functionality
    Download Latest SimpleReserve
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    Great to see this is working for 714!
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    I hope I don't get into trouble if I use this with "full" config :D
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    If you use Nitrado i dont recommend it to you .. i tried it and it's lagging badly
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    Dont work with bukkit 733 :( Can u update it ?
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    tee jay

    It works fine with b733.
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    yea! thanks for this plugin!

    I am using your plugin in relation with CraftBukkitUpToDate. CraftBukkitUpToDate say that my plugin is outofdate (but I used your download-link at this thread) and downloads a 41kb-File. May the download-link of CraftBukkitUpToDate is outdated? Can you solve this problem?

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    tee jay

    That would be a problem with CraftBukkitUpToDate, which I have never had anything to do with.
  9. great Plugin, the only reserve plugin for bukkit because i never found one, exept for this one!

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    Download link isn't working1~
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    tee jay

    My webserver is currently having trouble--it's my highest traffic day for and it's currently crashing under the high traffic. Try again later.
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    Is it possible for users to kick guests and not be kicked by other users but can be kicked mods and admins? The reason why I ask is because i have guest, new, regulars, vip and admins. I want regulars to be able to kick guest and new but not another regular. Also I want vip to be able to kick regulars. Is that possible?
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    REQ: a way to edit the server disconnect messages :)
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    The same please!
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    i hope this isn't abondoned :(
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    Still working on this? Any way to make it mesh with CraftProxy to allow those using the proxy to kick or join above limit? It connects through a proxy into localhost, so you could just make a config setting for localhost connections ... PLEASE! THANKS!
  17. run on 766? thanks
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    Yes it runs on 766 perfectly
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    just want ask, what is about this?
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    tee jay

    Certainly not! I will be adding config for the kick messages soon and a max allowed above limit, I've just been working on a couple of other plugins and busy with RL stuff.

    Link is up still and works with latest CB. If you try to download and receive a message about the server not being found or something, chances are I am having high traffic and it will be back soon.
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    hey @tee jay
    i have another request: dont kick random players, kick the player (of the Permissions-Group) who was as longest online (Maybe a problem with player that just did a reconnect)

    and update for Permissions 3 please
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  22. Run on 818? thanks guys
  23. Perhaps a feature where you put permissions classes in rank order (so the lowest rank gets kicked first).
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    Is there any chance of this getting updated for Permissions 3(.1) soon, or the source being released so we can do it ourselves?

    I really don't want to have to write a slot reservation plugin from scratch when there's a perfectly good one that simply needs an update to work with the newer Permissions.
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    tee jay

    I haven't gotten a chance to look at the new Permissions, but if the API hasn't changed(permissions.has), the format doesn't matter and it should still work. If it doesn't I will fix it very soon.
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    It works when users are in a single group, but if they have multiple groups assigned it does not let them join the full server unless all groups assigned to them have the permission node.

    Edit: I'm using MySQL permissions, so I just realized this is far more likely to be a Permissions bug. I'm noticing inconsistencies with the way Permissions 3 is reporting multiple group permissions within my own plugins.

    Thanks for the excellent plugin. :)
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    guess its supporting GM, too and workin' for 860, aight? at least we will test it. ;)
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    It seems to be working fine on my server in 860 using GroupManager.
  29. will this plugin kick the same guy every time?
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    run on b935 ??
    nice plugin ;)
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    It is workin... now we'll see how it does with 953 the next days.

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