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    This plugin allows players with permission, to turn invisible and spy on other players. Players can also issue a command to see who is vanished, or simply press tab, whoever's name is dark red, is vanished. (Please note that if your name is longer than 14 characters, it will not turn red when you vanish.) Players without permission to see vanished players, will not see players using the tab button. Enjoy!


    Shows vanish mode being toggled on/off.


    Shows OPJewelz as vanished, on the tab list. All people with simplevanish.see will have the ability to see players that are vanished in the tab list, and their names will be red!

    /v - Toggles on/off invisibility, and red TAB list display name!
    /v player <username> - Toggles invisibility for specified player.
    /v status [username] - Returns whether the specified player is visible/invisible.
    /v help - Shows help screen.

    simplevanish.vanish - Allows players access to the '/v' command!
    simplevanish.see - Allows players to see other, vanished players!
    simplevanish.list - Allows players access to the '/v list' command!
    simplevanish.help - Allows players access to the '/v help' command!
    simplevanish.bypass.chat - Allows players to chat while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.build - Allows players to place blocks while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.destroy - Allows players to destroy blocks while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.damage.player - Allows players to damage other players while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.damage.mob - Allows players to damage mobs while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.damage.* - Allows players to damage mobs and other players while vanished.
    simplevanish.bypass.* - Allows players to bypass all blocks while vanished.
    simplevanish.* - Allows players to access all commands, and all other permission nodes above.

    Direct Download!
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    You could cut the end of the name off 2 letters and put the name red. It's what I did on one of my plugins.
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    There is already a very good vanisch plugin (VanishNoPacket), so why use this?
    Never the less, good work guy...
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    I made this because my friend was complaining how he didn't want thousands of lightning bolts to shoot down killing players when he vanished. I told him to just turn it off in the config, he did, and he said that it still didn't work. So, I made this, gave it to him, and put it on the forums a day or two later.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Your friend needs to learn that giving yourself the * node means you need to read plugins' documentation about permission nodes, and how to negate a single node (eg. vanish.effects.* ) ^_^

    Nice to see competition, but your plugin has a few issues that probably wouldn't have shown up in your testing. Most obvious one is that boolean field, which you're using to determine visibility for everyone. ;)
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    That would be the only way I myself know how to make a toggleable command at this time. Note that this is my second plugin... Also, there is still much to improve on, the plugin has been out for only two days.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I already knew about the other plug-in, this one looks really good too, good luck.
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    reminds me of another herobrine plugin, in that plugin u do /bh.v and u vanish from the server if ur herobrine or not.
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    Jacob Marshall
    Thanks! Good luck with your plugins too!
    That's very interesting... Never heard of that plugin myself :p
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    With vanish no packet you cant talk/place stuff its really bad since they updated it and everything to be honest I like the old version were you could be invisble and place stuff and talk I scared about 10 people on my server by placing signs saying were coming for you and every thing but vanish no packet not really good anymore
  11. Could you give the source code maybe?
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    I'm going to upload it to github sooner or later, but for now, if you want to know how to vanish players from other players. Go look at the vanish api tutorial Amaranth made here!
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    Why would you use the same plugin name as the reference implementation of the API? :(
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    Amaranth I was already going to before I saw it. Notice my signature, the team name...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You only are prevented from that when you give yourself the permission nodes to prevent talking and placing. Please don't spread misinformation.
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    DarkVOODO and mbaxter
    That's true, you have to use the /vanflag command to set what players can do, right mbaxter?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Close enough :p
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    Oh well know one never told me that I even ask how to do it and no one told but thanks for the info

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