Inactive [ADMIN/FUN] GMNP- Best solution for GameMode-related things v1.92 [1.2.5-R4.0]

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  1. Look at BukkitDev!
    This plugin prevents player from placing blocks, using SpawnEggs, PvP, cheating items and accessing chests or similar containers while in creativemode. Also you can configure which player have permission to which command! With this plugin you can change the gamemode just with /gm or /gm "name" and can easy change who can acces which commands and who can do what in creativemode!
  2. Definitly works for 1.1 R7
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    All your plugins are ready for approval if you change the title to [1.1-R7] only
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  4. I'll do this now! Thanks a lot!


    Can you approve this one too? :D

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    Missed it, approved
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  6. v1.6 out now with more features!
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    Can you please add a quick feature where when someone switches to creative mode they can ONLY fly? The Node would be something like: gmnp.onfly (For GMNP Only Fly)... Thanks =D
  8. :DD Instead of this, give him only the gmnp.restore node, others are false by default :)
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    its not working on bPermissions! any ideas?
  10. not rly, sry. It should because it supports superperms.
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    When I put permission nodes and start the game, it says "No permission" can you update so it works on bpermission too? I really need
    This plugin to prevent player from cheating items in creative mode :(
  12. ill do asap
  13. updated for YOU
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    I have a question for you.

    I like to let a few of my players use gamemode 1 to build large projects.

    Unfortunatly if they log out befor I can change ther gamemode back to 0
    when they log back in they are automatickly in gamemode 1.

    This could become dangerouse if I am not around to turn ther gamemode 1 back to 0

    Is ther any way you could make this plugin so that when a player logs out they are
    automatickly set back to gamemode 0 ?

    Or is ther a way to build a plugin that I could change ther gamemode when they are offline. ?

    Any of the two ideas would help.

    I have looked arround the net and I am not the only one with this problem.
    It would be great if you could help.

    Thanks for your great plugin and your hard work.

    All the best J & A
  15. I'll implement both of your suggestions :D

    Best regards
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    wow, manniL thanks

    how long do you think it will take ?

    Can you please let me know when your done, as
    I need this befor I go on a school trip.

    Also can you maybe make it more controllable!

    I would like to let memebers be able to build and distroy but not use
    or cheat other items.

    At the moment I have your plugin runnig with no permitions if members that have gamemode log in they can not build, steal, or cheat, but they can still distroy blocks.

    Maybe you should change this to defalt no block breaks, but block breaks also only with permitions.

    All the best J & R
  17. You can control it with permissions.

    The thing with the block placement is known bug and in trying to fix this ASAP. At the moment I haven't much time ^^
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    hey, can you add some option to reset the inventory AND the actionbar after changing from gamemode 1 to gamemode 0? That the player can't cheat items to survival and put them to chests or something like this
  19. Ill fix this ;)

    Thanks for this information.

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