[ADMIN/FUN] Burner v0.2 - A more creative way to suicide than /kill![818]

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    A more creative way to suicide than /kill!
    Version: v0.2
    Players will get access to one, simple command: /burn. This will set them on fire until they die or somehow manage to extinguish the fire. OPs may use a more powerful version of burner: They may also set other players and creatures on fire with /burn WhatToBurn.
    "WhatToBurn" may be..
    • a part of a players name. Example: /burn I in order to burn Ineentho,
    • a full player name if you want to be sure you are burning the correct one. Example: /burn Ineentho to burn Ineentho,
    • or a EntityId of a monster or other creature (You can find it by pressing F3). Example: /burn 46 to burn that pig which seems to be named 46.
    • Set yourself on fire (/burn)
    • Burn others (/burn target_player) (OPs only)
    • Burn creatures (/burn EntityId (found using F3)) (OPs only)
    • You don't have to write full playernames)
    Download the plugin

    I'm not working actively on this plugin, however that may change in the future.

    Version 0.2 (Download)
    • You may now also burn monsters and animals /burn entityId (You find it with F3)
    • Changed some messages
    • Extending fire if you already is burning instead of disallowing you to use /burn.
    Version 0.1 (Download)
    • Release
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    this seems nice :) ill dl it soon :)
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    Hope you find it fun/useful! Please let me know if you have any suggestions :)
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    Cool! Does this work with 709?
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    Yeah, did just test it on 709.
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    Yay, thanks!
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    can u do it like someoen spawns like herobine and hits u and dies, or atleast anyone spawns and K.O's you? this would be sick.
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    Cool idea, I think it should be possible. I am new to bukkit development, but I'll give it a try later.
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    Nice Plugins, looks much fun ;D

    You could add a timer, how long they burn until they die.
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    timer sounds like a good idea, but it would kind of spam the chat, but I could try it anyways. Thanks for your feedback!

    Released a new update (v0.2), adding:
    • You may now also burn monsters and animals /burn entityId (You find it with F3)
    • Changed some messages
    • Extending fire if you already is burning instead of disallowing you to use /burn.
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    I'd love to see a command to make players burn on contact with sunlight like zombies. Lots of uses for that, such as vampirism, zombification, etc..
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    Sounds like a lot fun, I'll give it a try!
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    why dont you add many diffrent ways to kill your self. Like maybe one you type /spawn creeper (name of player) and it spawns a creeper at that player...well then i am sure you know what happens after that. Yes i know there are alot of these but you seem to be taking more input from people then the other creators of other /kill mods do. ir maybe one could be a 1x1 tower apears and puts the player at the build limit then disapears. or maybe /zap (player) to call down lighting
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    Yeah I will try creating some more /kill plugins later :p I think there already is one that bombs you with creepers, but yeah, I will add some more ways to die :)
  15. I love it :) but I'd also like to see it work with Permissions
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    Thanks :) Will probably work on permissions soon, but I would like to add some more features first.
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    hey can you read the pm i sent you please?
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    op only?
    714 support?
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    OP only? yes, at the moment, however I will fix permissions support soon.
    I tested with both 709 and 733, both worked without any changes, so probably 714 works too.
  20. I'd love the source code :)
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    I would love it if someone could make a fork of this... Instead of having the person burn, make them explode! :D
    That's been my dream plugin for a long time...
    anyways, great plugin nonetheless, no problems! +1
  23. haha, i made this also. selfCombustion ftw!

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