[ADMIN/ECON] Give Anything Listener! [1.5.1]

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    Give Anything Listener!:
    Version: v0.9
    With this plugin you can reward players for voting with ANYTHING. If you can type it as a command you can use it as a reward! This also has a new "Lucky Vote" section, which allows you to give a configurable random chance for voters to get an extra reward. This helps incentivise players to vote, even when they may not normally... just in case they might get lucky and receive an awesome bonus. You can set as many reward "Tiers" as you like for custom votes. For ecample you could give away some extra diamonds for 1 in every 50 votes, and also a big XP or money reward for every 1 in 200 vote

    This Plugin REQUIRES Votifer!

    • LuckyVoters Feature
    • Automatic queues - This can help with giving offline voters there items upon logging in!
    Changelog:Version 0.9

    • 0.9 [Large Update] We suggest you reset your config, BACK UP YOUR LUCKYVOTES AND REWARDS!
      • Added /vote
      • Added MORE detail comments in the config.
      • Added Vote reminder UPON Login.
      • Updates to /gareload (More reliable)
      • Fixed having .'s in service name
      • Added /fakevote [OP Only] For ability to test votes.
        • We suggest you reset your config, BACK UP YOUR LUCKYVOTES AND REWARDS!
    • Votes with empty player names are now skipped, as there is noone to reward!
    • Added new config option "broadcastqueue". If you set this to false it will not show broadcast messages for queued votes to prevent onjoin spam. Player messages and rewards will still be sent as normal, and this does not affect regular votes.
    • Blank Broadcast and PlayerMessages are now properly ignored and will not send empty lines.
    • Initial Release!
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    0.3 released!
  3. > 250 downloads :D
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    0.9 released with HUGE additions.
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    Fix your title please - there is no such thing as 1.4.7-R3.0. It should ready 1.4.7-R1.0.
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    Okay, sorry. It' works with 1.5 anyway

    - Updated
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    There is no 1.5.1 R1.0

    there is only R0.1

    (1.0 would mean it already is a recommended build)
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    Amazing plugin/listener

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