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    CustomLog - Create a customized log file:
    Version: v0.20

    Requests: request1 and request2

    Custom Log hooks events from bukkit and makes you able to log them. YOU decide which events should be loged and how, it's possible to define templates with keywords to design your own logfile.

    A short example:
    The template: "[[DATE]] [playerNAME] joined the server"
    Will write this logfile: "[27.03.2011 18:32:55] fritzwalter joined the server"

    But if you want, you can define templates that are much more complex.

    The list of keywords and all hooked events would be to long to write down all here in this thread, so i wrote a README.txt and put an example config.yml in the zip file.

    Now with multiple logfile support:
    -create as many configuration files in the configuration dir (e.g. "1.yml","2.yml" ....).
    That means u can define 1 config-file for the chat 1 for commands and so on,everyone will create a logfile.

    The readme is might not be easy to understand beceause I'm not a native english speaker, so if you have questions ,ask me and I will help you.

    Just put the CustomLog.jar in your plugin folder.

    Basic configuration:

    basic configuration pack
    This zip file contains 3 basic configurations:
    -login/out logger

    If you have ideas for more basic configurations let me now, i will add them.

    • hooks playerevents
    • hooks blockevents
    • hooks entityevents
    • use templates

    old Versions (open)

    • programm an easy config file editor
    • splittable logs(daily,weekly....)
    • log single commands(e.g for iconomy transactions)

    Thanks for the reports, but to fix bugs, i need following from you:
    • CustomLog config.yml
    • CustomLog log file
    • server log file

    Version 0.20:
    • updated to work with bukkit version 818
    • multiple logfile support
    • deleted keyword [playerITEMINHANDold](use [playerITEMINHAND] instead)
    • added keyword [playerITEMINHANDnew]
    Version 0.13:

    • updated to work with craftbukkit 612
    • keywords [useDirection] and [clickDIRECTION] were both renamed to [DIRECTION]
    • keyword [blockDAMAGELEVEL] removed
    Version 0.12:

    • fixed nullpointer bug in PLAYERlogins event
    Version 0.11:

    • added keyword [playerIP] to the group/object player
    Version 0.1:

    • Initial Release
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    Awesome plugin!

    Seperates my log files beautifully!
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    Hey Guys...
    Can anyone help me?
    I need to log who kills who and when, is it possible?

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    hey awesome plugin, but does it support mysql ? as i need that for my server

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