Inactive [ADMIN/CHAT/FUN] MelooonCensor v2.1 - Keep bad words away [1.2.5-R5.0 / 1.3.1-R2.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jacob Marshall, Jul 7, 2012.

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    AWESOME!!! :D
    Just what I was looking for! I tried another one earlier, but it wasn't case sensetive, and it only partially censored combo-words. Gonna install this ASAP! Great work! :D
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    Any way to make this bounce the whole message instead of just censoring the individual word? thats what wordfilter did but its not working with 1.3.
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    Jacob Marshall

    So, like not display the message at all? If so, ill add that feature asap... It was in the v1, I just forgot to add it back in :D
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    Still waiting for the day when a plugin will censor words that have spaces between them... :'(
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    Jacob Marshall

    Working on it, but its harder and slower than you think...
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    I know that the plugin Craftipedia lets you type in recipes while any number of spaces or capital letters doesn't affect it. Maybe your plugin could work similarly?
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    Jacob Marshall

    At first glance, I would not expect that plugin to be using anything like what I need to develop to make that work. Ill keep you posted when I get closer to figuring it out :p
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    Ok thanks, good luck!
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    Jacob Marshall

    Cheers man :)
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    Nice Plugin works fine..
    Is there a way for u make it like so,that u can also have a command that u can add ignore words to to config INGAME,and that we dont have to go to the config and add it there.

    /censor add [word] to the blacklist
    /censor ignone [word] ..
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  11. This looks fantastic, thanks for creating it! If i may ask, where did you learn your Java? I've been taking some classes for my senior year elective and, likely just here, its not too useful.
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    Tested it on 1.3.2-R0.1 and it works fine.
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    What's the command/where do you config to make it so that bad words are replaced with other words?
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    Hey is it possible to configure it so that maybe it doesn't censor the ENTIRE word that has the blacklisted word in it but maybe JUST the blacklisted word?
    For example:
    this server is so fucked --> this server is so ****ed
    I think that would be awesome just sayin :p
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    I have one problem with this plugin... Others too have this bug.
    Only JCP was free.
    Bug is when i have a forbiddeb word i ex. "so" but good word "sobie" have these two letters in side and censor locking it...

    @ Edit: Im triying to use this plugin with polish language.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I believe what you want is the bypass configuration setting. This allows for you to define words that include censored words.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Just a notice for people who have not checked the original thread, this plugin will no longer be updated to later versions of Craftbukkit. Please contact me if you wish to build your own copy of this plugin, please note, you will not be allowed to distribute the source or JAR if you decide to take this route. However you will be allowed to modify the plugin as long as the name, credits and metrics do not change.

    Thanks, and sorry about this, life is too busy for smaller projects like this.

    You may lock/close this thread.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Ive had a slight change of heart, once I get my new computer, I will continue to develop this plugin, and later on in this week I may release a version that is built with bukkit 1.4, seen as many people are currently using it on 1.4 already.

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