[ADMIN/CHAT] CensorShip 2.0 - Censor and replace words in chat, on signs and in commands [BukkitDev]

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  1. This Plugin simply replaces custom words with other custom words, like replacing shit with bla.
    You can say what action will be done with the player: kick, ban or none. There are also penalty-points the players get for using a forbidden word. They also can get muted. A new feature is that you can censor commands like /msg and /r! This is the first and only plugin that does this!


    - replacing custom words
    - banning/kicking players for using custom words
    - adding/removing custom words via commands
    - autobanning players for overusing forbidden words
    - compact replacement (shit in shitty will be replaced)
    - automuting for overusing forbidden words
    - supports multiple custom commands
    - also replaces words splitted by spaces, dots or commas
    - mcbans support
    - auto notification
    - censoring commands like whispering (THIS is the first and only plugin that does this!!)
    - censoring sign text
    **suggestions are welcome!**

    Source, commands ans permissions on BukkitDev!

    Supporting Me:

    Please report any bugs you encounter. Also, please point out spelling and grammar issues. I am not a native speaker.

    Version 1.3 - now with better replacement: shit in shitty will be replaced.

    Updated for Version 1.5 - automute

    Updated 1.5.1 - fixed bugs

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    Only 1 RB in title please.
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    does not work with the Russian language
    server on ubuntu

    can replace the English word for the Russian word
    but to identify the Russian word can not
  4. works fine with Craftbukkit 1.2.4-R1.0
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    hey can you please update this for 1.2.5
    can you add damage to players if a word is used
    can you add staff are automatically notified if a word is used
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    I am trying to obtain permission to update this myself, if he doesn't :)
  8. newest version sould work with 1.2.5
    - damaging is already included
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    hey when i type none it bans the player, help
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    Guys I have some exciting news!!!

    I have permission to update this plugin, doing now <3
  11. You have to set "ban" in "penality-points"-section to "enabled: false"
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    Why can't I change config? It just restarts!

    and I have tried to edit and then reload and stop and then edit and then start the server up again but it just RELOADS
  13. hm, i don't know. For me it worked fine. I'll release a new version soon.
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    Doesn't matter :p Forgot to check the /censor so I used /censor update & /censor add ;)
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    please update to 1.3.2 its a amazing plugin but sad that i cant use it on my server. please update it
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    Thank you! This so helped me!
  17. Version 1.9.3 will be there every second.
  18. Version 1.9.3 is out
  19. Version 1.9.6 is out
  20. Version 2.0 is out!

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