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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by J3thro33, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Documentation -> http://bukkitup.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/documentation/
    Site & Downloads -> http://bukkitup.wordpress.com/
    Download from bukkit: http://forums.bukkit.org/attachments/bukkitup_001-zip.12654/


    Update all your plugins faster than ever!
    Bukkitup is a powerful tool that updates all your plugins for you with a single command, checks the last available version compatible with your bukkit and downloads it to your 'plugins' folder. Written in bash, bukkitup is an open-source app for server managers that allows you to keep your server fully updated in an easy way.
    Bukkitup also brings you an advanced Google search, which means that you will always find ALL of your plugins no matter what name they have, version, or if they're inside of another ZIP.

    Auto-recognizes your plugins! Bukkitup can recognize all plugins (if you have any issue with some of your plugins please report it to us).
    Update from one plugin, to all with one single command! With bukkitup, you only need to use one single command and your server will be updated!
    Safe downloads! All the plugins are downloaded from the official bukkit's web, which means they're safe of use.
    Google advanced search If Bukkitup can't find it on bukkit, it will search for it on Google.

    Commands & Help
    For all commands & help please see the documentation (link on top).

    Tested in
    -> Gentoo 3.7.5
    -> CentOS 6.3

    If you have any ideas, please comment and tell us!
    The latests downloads, documentation, and all the progress can be found on our wordpress site.

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    If this works...
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    xXTh3B3astXxify, I do not understand you, ...

    Do you have problems installing the script ?
    Read the dependencies. Do you really tried?
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    Works great. Thanks!
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    I can attest that this works :)
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    Wait does it delete old version?
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    Read the documentation.

    Option -p, -up and -a different operating.
    If you use -p option, yes.


    This project is receiving not much help, nor does it seem to interest many people. :(
    If you want to help, contact with me: nisteeklod@gmail.com

    Thank you for reading.
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