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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by penguinben, Feb 10, 2013.

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    So the idea is literally the ability to toggle invisiblity for other palyers, for example:
    Player X is in /vanish as he is a moderator and is watching a hacker
    i wish to unvanish him, so use /unvanish x

    This would be helpful if the person is afk, but i need to tp to them anyways

    Name of plugin:

    /vanish <name>
    /unvanish <name

    -Use of /v <name>: possibly -vcommand.admin

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    So, do you actually want a plugin to unhide players and teleport to them?
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    No, i wish to have the ability to turn on/off vanish for other players. so say you were on my server and i typed in /vanish Greennose120 you go invisible?

    But i can still teleport to you (an extra if possible)

    This isn't what i asked for i don't think. I with to be able to vanish other players, but also teleport to them if they are in vanish.
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    Could you not just do /sudo player vanish to vanish/unvanish them?
    And what do you mean, teleport them if they are in vanish? You can teleport them even if they are vanished, can you not?
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    At the moment, i am using just the basic essentials /vanish stuff, and i have never heard of /sudo player so! i shall test it in a moment. and nope, cannot tp to them if they are vanished
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    Essentials should have an option to ignore if a player is vanished. It is probably burred in the config somewhere :D
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    Well that's somewhat embarrassing, i seem to spend half my time within essentials at the moment so i dont know how i missed it! I shall go have a look, cheers Jt.
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    You can /tpo NAME to a vanished player.
    Also if you are vanished /tpo PLAYERNAME YOURNAME to teleport them to you while your invisible.

    As for /sudo you don't have to give them any perms, that's is you basically running the command for them.
    If they can't /vanish then it won't work though, so they must have the perm to vanish/unvanish for /sudo to work.

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