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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by ChipDev, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Today I reveal the awesomeness of Action bars, Not your chat, Not the sub-title, nor title, not the item name, The ACTION BAR!
    How to send:
     public static void sendActionBar(Player p, String msg)
            String s = ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', msg);
            IChatBaseComponent icbc = ChatSerializer.a("{\"text\": \"" + s + "\"}");
            PacketPlayOutChat bar = new PacketPlayOutChat(icbc, (byte)2);
    How it works?
    -(Byte) 2 is action bar, not chat.
    -PacketPlayOutChat is a packet that you send to a player handler by p.getHandle().
    - Q:Why did I cast ((CraftPlayer)p)? Not (CraftPlayer) p?
    -A: If I didn't, It would think that sendPacket returns a CraftPlayer.
    -Q: I get errors!! On the PacketPlayOutChat
    -A: Make sure you have the (byte) there, otherwise try removing (byte) (older versions)!

    Thanks for reading,
    My god just noticed this should be in the alternatives :p
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    Moved to Alternatives Section.
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  3. @ChipDev All I will say is Action bars came out a while ago.
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    Minecraft came out a while ago as well, yet there are still new Threads about it everyday :p
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    Ill say that no one has made a very clear (Is this clear) tutorial on it.
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    a) There are tutorials for this
    b) You might want to tell us where you got this source from...
    c) You might want to add, that you are using spigot and not another alternative...
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