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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by bennie3211, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Hello Developers,

    I'm trying to hookup with the Factions plugin to log certain events within the plugin, like creating a faction, claiming land, change relationships with other factions etc.. But for that I need to know if the Factions plugin has enabled economy and how much a event should cost that's set in the Factions config. But since MassiveCore has changed his way of organizing it's config structure I have to access the json file from the MassiveCore plugin. Anyone that knows how to or can tell me where to look for this? Is there a option to read it from the Factions plugin or should I read it directly from the json file itself?

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    Shouldn't you be able to access the plugin itself to get the data?
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    Yea, but I can't find the getter's from the Factions plugin that I need. So I though I should get it from the MassiveCore json file. I also use the Faction Events to handle certain events, but the events don't handle balance the right way for me.

    I already read that page. It doesn't show me the right information that I need.
  5. Just edit the file to your liking? I see nothing wrong with doing that.
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    Reloading? Use the API. It exists for a reason.
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