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    I'm looking for Lightweight plugin, that adds commands to chests.
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    How to set up a chest:

    type "/chestcommands create [commandtable]" and punch or rightklick a chest.
    this will store the chest with the specified "commandtable" leave blank to use a default one.
    type "/chestcommands remove" and punch or rightklick a chest.
    this will remove a chest from the watchlist.

    Commandtables should be defined in the config or a "commandtables.yml"
        - /me founds a chest.
      consolecommands: {}
        - /me founds a treasure chest.
        - wait 60000
        - /spawn
        - /pex user %player% add permission teleport.cave2
        - /me founds a death chest.
        - /kill %player%
      consolecommands: {}
    So you can see there should some features in the tables ... :
    - multiple tables
    - a "Wait [milliseconds]" option, so it is waiting for some time before the next command is executed ( i know you need to do this in a async task and ist hard to do, so it would be ok to leave it out)
    - variables like %player% to run a commands with the playername, who opend the chest
    - define seperate console and playercommands.

    default: op

    some other features:
    - chests can't get destroyed if there are commands specified to it
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    I am fairly sure that this is possible with the Skript plugin :D
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    maybe, but i want a lightweigth one ... and script is all, but not lightweight xD

    Bump :D still noone?

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    I think i can do that for you. maybe today ;P
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    awesome :D when u are ready, can u please show me the sourcecode? I'm learning java atm and it would be great to learn from u :)
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    So, finally 99% finshed.

    and sorry for the long wait time yesterday my internet was so extrem laggy :(
    and now i will short add multiworld support then i will upload and send you the link

    //edit: !update!

    Here you got. An example is in the commandtables.yml that will generated at the first start.

    Little Guide:

    How to create a chest:

    look at the chest you want to change in a commandchest, then type /chestcommandscreate <commandtable>

    Finshed ;D

    How to perform commands on chest open:

    Do nothing :D if the chest opens it will automaticly perform the console-/player-commands

    How to remove a chest:

    look at the chest then type /chestcommandsremove

    if you have an other question. ask me ;D

    To Do before Realease on Bukkit Dev:

    - an language file
    - an command for creating commandtables


    Source will come in the next hour



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    For now the variable %player% isn't working, but i will fix now
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    fixed some time ago.

    bukkitdev: google it :D

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