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    The most unique CTF plugin for Bukkit, since Bukkit!
    Description VistanaCTF: After seeing a lot of threads about kCTF, I decided to make one! This plugin covers everything from lobby's, to classes and special effects.​
    Lately I have been drowned with homework and tests, so I'm sorry for not uploading this within the 1 ~ 2 week margin. But now it's here! I still have to finish some slight bugs, like error messages in the console that aren't even errors :eek:. I will be releasing the jar file 11 october or 12 october. After that I'll go on a school trip to Stratford, so I won't be online.​
    Classes: Heavy, Medic, Archer, Scout and Pryo.​
    More classes will be added soon!
    - /CTF Portal Create (Portal from lobby to the match)​
    - /CTF Lobby Set​
    - /CTF Spawn Red (Set's the red teams spawn point)​
    - /CTF Spawn Blue (Set's the blue teams spawn point)​
    - /CTF Version​
    - /CTF Flag Blue (Set's the red teams flag)​
    - /CTF Flag Red (Set's the blue teams flag)​
    - /[class]​
    VistanaCTF.Portal -> To create the lobby portals​
    VistanaCTF.Spawn -> To set the spawn points​
    VistanaCTF.Flag -> To set the flags​
    VistanaCTF.Lobby -> To set the lobby​
    8 - 10 - 12: Rewrote the plugin from scratch including all features.​
    More classes and permission support for classes!​
    If there's anything you'd like to know, then please do so in the comments​
    Also, please note that I am currently focussing on OneChamber in the little free time I have. After Stratford I will have more time!
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  2. also region replacement?
    good job btw! source code?
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    Region replacement? What do you mean with that? Also, I will add the source code later tonight.
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    cool i cant wait till its comes out :D

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