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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by caloletti, Nov 28, 2011.

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    SimpleBukkit Installer



    1.What is SimpleBukkit Installer?

    SBI is a new CraftBukkit installer.

    2.What do you make with it?

    You can install the stable versions of CB with ease!

    3.How do I use it?

    It's very simple! Just download the installer and run it! You choose the folder where you want to install the server and the installer will create a shorcut on your Desktop.You run the server then you play! :D Simple!

    -I said a new beginning in the changelog because I lost the files :)) so I needed to rebuild almost all the installer (5 mins of work, thank's Advanced Installer :)) )


    1.0.0-2.2 (open)

    23/11/2011 [1.0.0] Official release
    28/11/2011 [2.0.0] Changed installer theme
    29/11/2011 [2.0.1] Fixed "File not found" Problem
    14/12/ 2011[2.1.0] Changed theme, updated to CB 1.0.1 R1
    29/01/2012[2.2.0] Updated to CB 1.1 R2, Added CBUTD and PAIL
    31/01/2012[2.2.1] Updated to CB 1.1 R3, Added ESSENTIALS
    31/01/2012[2.2.2] More simple installer, faster, smaller archive
    14/02/2012[2.2.3] Updated to CB 1.1 R4

    5/3/2012 [2.3.0] Updated to CB 1.2.3 R0.1, Removed CBUTD
    14/03/2012 [2.3.2] Updated to CB 1.2.3 R0.2, Removed PAIL
    4/4/2012 [2.4.0] Updated to CB 1.2.4
    14/06/2012 [2.5.0] - A new beginning - Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4

    To do

    -installer will install CraftBukkitUpToDate and Essentials plugins
    -be able to choose the CB Build


    SBI Snap.PNG

    None known. If you see one report it here
  2. This should be in Bukkit Tools, not Plugin Submissions, since it's not a plugin.

    EDIT: when I run it, it says the file couldn't be found, and then nothing happens.
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    I will fix the problem :)

    Edit: FIXED! :D
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    I need a admin to move this topic in the "Bukkit Tools" directory! Sorry for double...
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    this would get a lot more attention on the Bukkit Tools....cant u just re-make this over there and delete this one?(im a noob...be gentle)
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    Moved to Bukkit Tools as requested.
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    6/1/2012 Fixed some bugs
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    Updated to CB 1.1 R2
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    31/01/2012 Updated to CB 1.1 R3 More simple installer, faster, smaller archive. Added ESSENTIALS
  11. good keep it up! :) :)
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    Thanks :) hope you enjoy your server :D
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    Updated to CB 1.1 R4 :)

    Any suggestions? Any bug? I want to know :)
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    Updated to 1.2.3 R0.1 :)
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    14/03/2012 [2.3.2] Updated to CB 1.2.3 R0.2, Removed PAIL :)
    Updated ESSENTIALS

    It's so silent in this topic! xD
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    Hey this is really nice :)
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    Finally someone that tested it (or just watched the thread) :))

    Sooo...here comes the update! Finally! :))
    4/4/2012 [2.4.0] Updated to 1.2.4

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    This is great! Thanks for making it!
    I was having problems with my server and had to scrap it. Problem is, I couldn't get my map back!! :( Your program works very well and assisted me in getting all my info and maps back to the way they were. TY!

    I only have 1 quesiton that I have not figured out for some reason. How do I make myself an admin/ op so I can use plugins like /timeset, World Edit, /give commands, etc...
    I edited the OPs txt file but had no success... am I missing something super easy?

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    When you open your server, log on and then type in the console /op then your name
    And the Essentials plugin is preinstalled and you directly use /time day/night /i for give and more commands :)

    P.S. I will update the installer to the latest Bukkit

    352 downloads :O (or just clicks on the link :)) )

    Updated to latest Bukkit :)

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    why do you have to update it every time?
    As far as I know, you don't have to change something every time they update. (if you name the file craftbukkit.jar, so without any version numbers in the name)
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    Yeah I know... I'm working at an auto-updater...so I don't need to update the installer every time they update. Next weeks I have 2 exams so I can't work so much at this project :|
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    You'd better update it quickly, the bukkit team doesn't really like that other people distribute bukkit. If you want to make an installer, you need to get the files from the site.
    dl.bukkit has a nice API, so it shouldn't take that long :)
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    You cannot redistribute CraftBukkit. If you wish to create an autoinstaller, it MUST download CraftBukkit from dl.bukkit.org.

    Your links have been removed.
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    Ok...I am now working at the downloader/installer :D.
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    Ok, reason for giving up?
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    No time....
    I will try to work at this project when I go to my dad...there I can work in peace without anyone botthering me... also I need to make some research before taking from 0 the project ;)
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