[ABANDONED PLUGINS] I will bring them up to date for you! {help required updating, loads to do!}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    ..Residence, The dev seems to have abandoned it. OR does anyone have an alternative? (Not factions) No res is killing our server :(
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    Lots of requests for Residence... I'll take another look at that one just now.
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    So I did a build of residence that's Vault only, you can find it on the main link on the OP.
  7. Can you update rocket boots please. Here is a <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> download[/url] of it updated to 1.1 R4 but it needs updated to R7.
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    codename_B BigBrother would be VERY nice to see updated. :)
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    LogBlock is updated
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    im thinking its more of an issue of the logs that have been kept, as well as having to learn a whole new logging plugin

    also, do you think you might be up to the task of updating 50-70 plugins for my server?
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    Probably not, considering there's a total of 150+ plugins in this thread alone and I'm not going to get round to updating them all.
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    damn. well, ill still post the ones i need here, if you feel like it, then you can update them
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    Sounds good, or if someone else updates them they can tell you.

    Just updated it. No idea if it works.

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    Magic carpet/heroic death? + Thanks for xcraftgates :D
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    hey, because as far as i remember the only reason the plugins are broken is because of a change in the events, isnt it possible to simply create a plugin or program that runs through all the plugins in a designated folder, decompiles them, updates the events, and then recompiles them?
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    Unfortunately, not everything decompiles neatly.

    Also it'd be easier rewriting them manually than to write that program :p
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    ok then
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    I downloaded the updated Residence and it says that it can't find any Permissions plugin and any Economy system although that i have bPermissions and Essentials installed.It also says Vault not found but I didn't thought it requires Vault for payments.
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    The new residence I did there REQUIRES vault. It won't run without Vault. You need Vault to run it. I compiled it with the Vault only libs and removed the rest to remove excess dependencies meaning you need Vault to be able to run it. You need Vault to run it. That build I did, requires Vault. If you want to use it you should install Vault.
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    He said he compiled for Vault (which handles perms/economy, etc.), so get vault and try again.
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    I personally switched to hawkeye, and I am LOVING it.

    The web interface is AWESOME and it is currently an active project by its developers.
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    Thanks for the report! (just uploaded a hopeful fix)
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    hmm, some reason it doesnt work at all now :/ It use to say "type /bb help" or something, now nothing at all.
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    Hm, seems to be reported working fine by me and other people using it :/
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