a working npc trader

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  1. my request is a npc trader that acctualy is updated when its not working and that works with iconomy and uses sqlite if possible.
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    This is being made. Also, I recommend that you MySQL as it is much faster than SQLite and doesn't always have the SQLite Database Locked error.
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    also requesting npc traders, happy to have it mysql though as that seems to be the recommanded method of late and easy to setup

    Matcat did make a working npctrader but it seems to have been stoped developing and he is no longer posting in its thread

    Idealy the npcs would have other purposes too;
    Information giving, allow a user to configure an npc to repeat what he has trained it to say when a user bumpsinto it, hits it comes near it, buys from it, sells from it, and when a user leaves its line of sight
    ie: /npcbump Careful there sir!

    maybe allow the npcs to trade goods as well as iconomy (or what ever econ plugin) say takes cobblestone gives mossy
    ie /npctrade cobblestone mossy
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