A Vote Listener That tracks who voted.

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    I have a deal where if someone is the top voter of the month on my server they get a free rank!! I can't find a vote listener that does that... Help? Custom Plugin? Public? I Dont care! Just tell me!!!
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    Jonathan Danek

    What plugin are you using to let your players vote?
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    You will find this as a function of the OnTime plugin,


    See here for more about votifier rewards:

    Here is how you would set this up:

    / ontime reward add addgroup VIP

    (This creates a reward of adding a group called VIP to a user)

    /ontime reward top monthly 1 vote 1

    (This makes the reward a monthly reward for the top voter. The first 1 is the reward ID assigned in the first comman, the second 1 means first place)

    / ontime reward add rmgroup VIP 30d real

    (Creates a 'reward' to remove the group 30 days in real (calendar) time)

    /ontime reward link 1 2

    Links rewardID=1 to rewardID=2, so the remove group will be scheduled for the player to happen 30 days later)

    If you give this a try let me know if you have any problems.
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    Votifier and the listener is simplevotelistener

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