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    I'm looking for a kit plugin with cooldowns for a sort of premium service thing I've set on my server. The problem is, with most kit plugins if the server restarts with a kit's cooldown still going, it resets the cooldown and the player can use the kit again right after. I'd like something that saves the duration even after a restart. Can this be done? More importantly, if it can, would anyone be willing to create it for me?

    Some other things that would be nice:
    -Kit cooldown times able to be set in hours, even minutes.
    -Maybe save cooldown information and such to a MySQL database, take some load off the server?

    This "premium service" thing that I'm talking about has more information on it here: http://monstercraft.net/wiki/monstercraft-premium-purchases/

    It brings in a nice amount of money to pay for the server, but I'd like to make it a bit more "legit"?


    Bump, I really need this.

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    And maybe a once per life cooldown?
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    I've found the plugin called KitPlugin, it seems to be the solution to all my issues. You guys need not worry about this plugin, though @RomaClanServer's suggestion might be something to look in. Thanks~!

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