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    My server growing rapidly and I need some sort of chat plugin that can divide the chat into channels.

    I haven't been able to find a plugin that matches my needs. If you know of any please let me know.
    Anyhow I would need the following features:

    - The ability to have a "Local" channel that all players would join automatically upon joining the server. The amount of blocks a voice would travel should be configurable.

    - The ability to "!s <message>" and "!shout <message>". This would be broadcasted server wide. The cooldown for this command should be configurable in the config and you should be able to define different cooldown timers for each group.
    I would also like to be able to define what worlds would hear your shout depending on the world you're currently in.

    - It would need to be compatible with the Essentials Chatmanager.

    It should be farely simple and I would pay you for coding this.
    It doesn't really matter to me if it's kept private or not, I'd rather have it opensource, or atleast be provided with the source, so that I could have the plugin updated if need be.

    I might come up with a few more features but I reckond these are the most important ones if not all of them.

    Please contact me if you believe you can do this.
    I guess I'd like it as soon as possible. But who am I to make demands :)
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    Hi there!

    Please define "compatible with the Essentials Chatmanager".
    What parts of it, specifically?
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    Well I want it to work with the prefixes for each group, but I guess that's Vault/Pex.

    But the Tabs-list is EssentialsChatmanager I want this to work :)
    (It displays the names with colours)
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    You are not allowed to offer money here. I recommend editing your post.
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    Right in the features the "!Shout" command isn't listed?
    Also I don't think it offers the "cooldown" feature I want, or am I wrong?

    (Sorry I am not able to test this atm).
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    you mean essentialschat.jar or groupmanager?
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    Essentialschat.jar :)
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    has local chat and shout, but not cooldown and linking worlds.
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    Yes I am fully aware of this?
    It's not got all the features I need.
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    Bump as I still need this :)
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    Bump as I STILL need this :)

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