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    Is there, or could there be, a plugin that rolls the world back automatically? I am starting a server with Adventure maps as worlds and after a certain amount of time/if no one is on that world I want it to rollback to the original state, is that possible?
  2. One doesn't need a plugin for this. You could make a shell script (if you're running some sort of Linux distro) that automatically stops the server, moves and archives the world, and then starts the server to make it generate a new one. If it's an Adventure map, just get it to copy the map from some other location on the drive. You put this on a cronjob and have it happen every once in a while, or force the reset to happen when you want it to with a simply command.
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    I'd rather not have to type in a command, and I was hoping to use multiworld so I'd rather not shut down the server every time, any ways around shutting down the server and having to type in a command? (The idea is that it's completely self sustainable
  4. The cronjob on a shell script would make it execute automatically ever interval of time that you set. And if using multiverse you can also get the shell script to just do commands through the console to manage the worlds.
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    This is all so much more confusing than I was expecting xD

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