A pvp plugin work with essential group manager!

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cheungj14, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Hello guys!

    I'm looking for a pvp plugin that will work with group manager!
    I can select and edit which group from groupmanager can group up so they can't kill each other and once you enter the the pvp I selected, the group automatically and it will automatically save all the kill and death in to file.

    Version: 1.14.2
    Plugin Category: PVP/TOOL
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    @cheungj14 I don't think i quite understand what you want, could you explain a little more?
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    By "once you enter the the pvp I selected" do you mean a worldguard region?
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    yeah thats what i mean, sorry for my bad english!

    Like once u enter the region or the world u set for pvp, it will start counting the stats and staff can see different kill stats for each group

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