a plugin to let players read .txt files ingame

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    i need a plugin that let players read a .txt file that is stored on the server when they type a command.
    i mean like this:
    they type /info
    then the plugin look up the .txt file that matching that command in a config file or something then it print the text from the text file to the player chat (just to the player that type the command)
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    While this is fairly easy to do, I don't know if it's possible to register a billion different commands. Would a command like /read info work?

    EDIT: Also, MCDocs looks like the best fit. However, I threw together a plugin anyway. Just put files in the plugins/FileRead/files folder, and the player needs the following permissions:

    fileread.read.*file name, without .txt*

    eg by default it puts info.txt in that folder, so for players to use it, they need fileread.read.info and fileread.read

    Type /read to see the commands

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