A plugin that generates Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Terrain [WGEN]

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    My server members are complaining about running into ugly swamps and oversized jungles and they demand a plugin that generates Minecraft Alpha Terrain. Since I run a Democratic Server, my fellow members and I took a vote and 97% (out of 100) demanded a plugin that generates Alpha terrain.

    I am here to speak for my group to ask for a plugin that has not been made yet -- a plugin that for sure will satisfy my members for years to come, a Minecraft Alpha Terrain generator under the name of "Lykite."

    1 /lykite - Lists information about Lykite (Version, etc. - feel free to credit yourself)
    2 /lykite help - Lists the commands you can use
    3 /lykite reload - Reloads plugin
    4 /lykite create {world} - Creates a world
    5 /lykite reload {world} - Reloads a world
    6 /lykite unload {world} - Unloads a world
    7 /lykite goto {world} - Goto a world
    8 /lykite setspawn - Sets the spawn for the world you are in

    lykite.info - Refer to command 1
    lykite.help - Refer to command 2
    lykite.help* - Refer to command 2, but lists all commands
    lykite.reload - Refer to command 3
    lykite.create - Refer to command 4
    lykite.reload - Refer to command 5
    lykite.unload - Refer to command 6
    lykite.goto - Refer to command 7
    lykite.setspawn - Refer to command 8

    Thank you for your time.
    This request goes to the brilliant Devs of Bukkit. codename_B
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    You should download the minecraft.jar for Beta 1.2 or something and generate a world then upload it to the server as I don't think this plugin is possible to make if your world has already been created.

    I might research this because it works like Skylands and InfinitePlots. You would need to use MultiVerse to create the worlds since InfinitePlots is like a terrain generator plugin and MultiVerse reads the Plugin and creates the World.
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    Use a world generator mod in SP and Upload it to the server, then use a Multi-World plugin.
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    Yes, I do realize you can generate Alpha worlds, but even if I generate a large amount of land, once we passed the pre-generated land, the biomes outside of the area will have jungles and swamps. I researched that a while ago.

    Bump. codename_B

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    Can't believe no one has done this yet, even though there are countless requests. Come on, codename_B...
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    Seriously, how come no one is doing this request!? Nostalgics will love this plugin... codename_B
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    Come on, please?
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    /watching this thread
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    ^^^ Tyvm, we need support for this ^.^
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    ^^ Forgot to mention s1mpl3x, who made Nordic Gen <== <3 him
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