A plugin that changes the name above the player's head

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MrZoraman, Jun 13, 2011.

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    The title basically says it all. With plugins that can change the players name, they are only about half as useful, for only half of their identity is changed. It'd be nice if the display name that pops up above the player's name could be changed as well.
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    Well I imagine this could be used to ave mods display your job or our rank above your head...
  3. I had suggested something similar, but with a twist : when you speak, the messages display in the chat, but they also pop up above your head !
    This would be cool for RolePlay and just make things a bit more "realistic".
  4. Some people may think this is impossible, it isn't, but its very hard to execute
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    @Streammz what is the pseudo code to make that happen? i would like to learn how todo it
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    That would be cool if it was possible to change the name above the character's head or juste remove it without F1, to have the text :)
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    You can do this with CapeMe :3
    However, it does require a small client mod called BukkitContrib
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    Thanks !
    Could you help me by MP on how to install it ? :3
    I know how to install mods on my Minecraft but on the server... ?
    Thks for the plugin anyway ! :)

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