A plugin that can give weapons a projectile ability.

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    Hi guys!
    What it is.
    A plugin that (with proper permission) Will allow the player to 'add' a projectile ability (right-click to shoot) on the Tool/Weapon that the player holds in his/her hand currently.

    What it does.
    It simply gives the player a 'dual-weild' feel, or a 'wizardry' feel to the game, depending on the entity projectiles added with the commands.

    List of possibly acceptable projectiles. " Projectile.create.* " for OPs.

    *Fireball (What ghasts and blazes throw at you.)

    *Wither head. Permission to use: "Projectile.create.wither"

    *Snowballs (Hopefully this can be added ONLY if the snowballs can be tweaked to do a significant amount of damage upon impact of other entity. If not, dont worry about adding this unless you want to.) Permission to use: "Projectile.create.snowball"

    *Ender Pearls. (A teleportation projectile. To create a weapon/tool with this, you must have the "Projectile.create.enderpearl" permission, otherwise this stays default to OP.)

    *Arrows. Now, these should have two types of arrow projectile ability variants. "Flaming" and "Normal"
    Permission to use: "Projectile.create.arrow" and/or "Projectile.create.flamingarrow"

    And any other projectile I haven't mentioned, or what else you think should be added.

    Upon the action of a right-click (Activates the projectile firing) The player will hear a sound. This is entirely optional (although I would really love this.)
    Particle effects?
    Same action here, similar to the sound. If sounds and effects were added together upon the firing of a projectile, all sync with the right-click button.

    Other technical stuff.
    This should also include: sticks and bones.
    Example: On left-click, could activate 'fireball projectile' and right click could be 'ender pearl' while used on a stick. The player is now instantly a mage. Lol.
    I know this is alot but, just figure how much better any server would be with this plugin? THANK YOU to whoever conquers this hunk of a request. <3
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    I do have a plugin that'll let u right click something and fire an arrow. I'll add a permission for it, clean up the code, and give it to you! So how would the item be selected to have the projectile power on it? A command? Or is it set to a certain tool at all times?
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    Well I would like the plugin to feel as if you were a blacksmith, 'creating' a weapon with commands.
    Here is an example I think should seem fit for the plugin.

    One thing I forgot to mention Williscool98, if dropped or put into a chest, can the projectile effects be erased?
    Maybe that could be in the config.
    'Enable projectile erase upon drop or placed in chest: true'

    " Projectile.create.* " Permission to be able to create items like this.

    All weapons and tools should have the ability to have projectiles. This includes blazerods, sticks, bones.

    Command: /projectile create hand fireball left

    Command to manually erase left-clicking effects:
    /projectile remove hand fireball left

    Command to manually erase right-clicking effects:
    /projectile remove hand fireball right

    What it means: /[projectile create hand] [fireball] [left/right]
    (The projectile 'fireball' is created on the weapon or tool that is currently held. Activation is from left-clicking, or right-clicking, depending on what you chose. You should be able to have 2 types. One on left, one on right.)
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    I understand. I would make this plugin myself, but I have college. If someone can take on my legacy and create useful & unique plugins for server owners like this one.
    You will never know how greatful I would be if this plugin were made. :)


    I'm trying to DL it but it gives me a 403 error. is there another way I can get it?

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    This thread is still open!
    Please, if you are thinking about it and arent quite sure of something, or just want to make some tweaks before deciding to help make it, reply! :)


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    Don't bump until around 24 hours has passed. ;)
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    I will attempt to make this
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    I am looking for a plugin just like this, though I'd like the left- or right-click to be an option, as I'd like to have left click for some items.
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    Thank you very much. May the power of coding be with you! <3
    I am patient. Credit 'Yolju' for the idea!

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