A plugin that automatically protects for you when you place it?

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    Hello Bukkit,

    Plugin category: Anti-Greif

    Suggested name: cProtect

    What I want: A plugin that works like LWC and protects EVERY BLOCK when you place it, so only YOU can break it/place on it. I would also like for there to be a way to add a friend to a block with a command so they can also break/place on it. Also a command that will add a friend to blocks within a specified radius. As for chests/doors/trapdoors, they will not be able to be opened by anyone who is not added to the chest/door/trapdoor.

    Ideas for commands:
    /cp toggle (turns auto-place protection on/off)
    /cp add [playername] (adds the specified player to the block that is left clicked after the command is ran)
    /cp addr [radius] [player] (Adds the specified player to the blocks within the specified radius)
    /cp bypass (allows the player who ran the command to be able to break protected blocks)

    Ideas for permissions:
    cp.toggle (allows the group to toggle auto-place protection)
    cp.add (allows the group to add a player to a specified block)
    cp.addr (allows the group to add a player to a specified radius of protected blocks)
    cp.bypass (allows the group to bypass protected blocks)
    cp.* (allows the group to have full permissions for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever.

    Updated the request to the proper format :) I didn't see that there was a template! :(

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    Then only thing with this plugin is, a griefer will join the server get the permission and then spam place blocks that no one can break.

    Thats why no one have every made a plugin like this.
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    And i think it Will lag as hell
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    Yes good point it would lag the shit out of the server if you placed to many blocks,

    If I was you I would just keep it simple and use a plugin to protect your hole building.
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    u can use LWC, and have some things protected.
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    Read the instructions? What haven't I covered?
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    Well, I enabled the plugin for the specified world with the command, but when a player tries to place down a block in the world, they are unable to. I gave them the correct permission node.
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    No it should be fine if you did it properly. If you were (somehow) placing 2,000 blocks a second then it'd probably cause a bit of lag, but probably negligible when compared to the lag from placing the 2,000 blocks in the first place.

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