a plugin for Pick Pocketing?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Naruchico, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Not sure how you would go about it, but maybe a plugin for a pick pocket mod.

    Make it where a player has a chance to knock an item out of another players inventory so they can thieve

    I run a RPG server and I would like to make my thieves feel useful and fun :D

    And if possible Iconomy support. stealing straight money (Jewels) on the server

    Also display a message -Joebob has pick pocketed you-

    Anyone able to do this is my hero XD

    My server is called AuroraCraft
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    how should they knock an item ?
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    They can just kill the guy and grab the items
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    Kevin Forte

    OP, do you mind if I steal this idea, modify it a bit, and post my own request based on this? I'll reference you for credit :p
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    go for it, and how it was taken was basically it just pick a random item from his inventory from hitting him, I just wanted a way for my thieves to be thieves not murderers
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    Sounds doable.
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    I will work on it, what do you think about this:

    - A player right click with a bucket to another player.

    - The plugin read the inventory of the victim and it select randomly one item.

    - The plugin check the user defined probability for that item to be stolen.

    - If the thief wins colect the item and the the victim is warning, if not, the the victim is also warning and the thief loses a life heart.
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    sounds great!
    Maybe set up instead of taking damage on fail it announces (JoeBob has tried to pick pocket you) from there the players can deal with the wood-be thief

    Hmm bucket would make thieves kinda obvious maybe slimeball, at least then it would have a use (talk about sticky hands ha-ha)

    or at least make it configurable so each server can chose their thief tool :D
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    Slime wouldn't be a bad idea, they would have to work a bit to find it and it couldn't be explained as 'oh I just have a bucket out'. I suppose string would make as sense too.
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    The tool to steal will be configurable, is 75% done.
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    Why use a tool? Why not use a fist. Use the check for entity damage, if it passes the 'steal' check, cancel the damage event and continue with the steal code. That way, if the steal fails, they will ultimately punch them. Then they will have to death with being accused of trying to kill them?
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    because then their would be a million accident thievings( oops I hit you bam stole your diamond, my bad OLOLOL RUN!)

    this makes it more controlled
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    True. Would also be interesting to make it so you had to be behind them. But unfortunately I think the network performance is too poor.
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    item 0 =Air = fist ?
    I'm not sure.

    Any way, it's done, just need test it, would you help with it ?
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    gladly :D
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    This is a good plugin,.. but I think the % chance to steal should increase as they level up, too bad there is no Level Up Plugin.
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    Thomas Bucher

    LevelCraft ?? I think thats is what you look for..
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    what the command to pickpocket
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    Just an idea - what about making a more realistic toggle-able mode, that would be that if one approaches his victim with a bucket/slimeball/whatever in hands crouching(shift) from behind, rightclicks him and manages to be like that for like 2 seconds, he could steal something, but if the other person turns around or moves away in the time period it would fail? That makes more sense imo...

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