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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Invenstory, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hello bukkit developers!
    i wonder if u would make a plugin for me!

    Plugin name: No ideas :(

    What this plugin supposed to do: stop removing the leaves of a tree if its withaout a log

    Version: 1.8

    Config: hmm no ideas? maybe nothing^_^

    Thats all sry for my bad english if u don't understand something pm me
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    Hi @Invenstory
    It might be better to do this with world guard, otherwise if I made a plugin, you would have floating leaves from trees that players mined all over the world. You can make a region and use the leaf-decay flag and set it to false (/region flag <name> leaf-decay deny) or if you wanted it for a whole world, you could go to that world and do /region flag __GLOBAL__ leaf-decay deny.
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    oohh i didn't knew that worldguard has this region...i want it just for the spawn..thnx u
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