a Ninja Star for VIPs {Plugin Request}

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    Hi !
    i Searched About a Ninja star with Permissions for "Permission EX" .. i did'n find any Plugin ..
    What i want is :

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: NinjaStar

    What I want: A Nether Star You Right Click on it And the star Will Clear From Your inventory And the star Fly Like a Ninja Star and Comes back to you in the Inventory .. and i Want a sound When it's Fly .. i Want to Edit the sounds in the config With bukkit Sounds .. And Edit The Item in The Config (i Want to join The Server With The Star in the Inventory i can Edit the Solt in The Config)

    Ideas for commands: No need commands

    Ideas for permissions:
    nstar.use [Permission to Throw The Ninja Start] *nstar = NinjaStar

    When I'd like it by: This Week [redflower]

    TNX [diamond]
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    Thank You Dude [redflower]
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    Lol "God Look" I think u tried to spell "good luck" xD
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    This would be interesting to make... good luck finding a dev! spacegame202
    P.S You need to work on your descriptions mate.
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    I got you coding it now!
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    Thank You BRO!

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