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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Hamish_G, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Would it be possible to make a new zone plugin, much like realms.
    So you would use the "wand" to select 3-6 points which you would then use a command like:
    /area new [area type (claimable/protected)] [group/player whose area it is] [area name]
    So with a protected area only the group or player could build there unless an admin/mod, with the /area command clearance, gave them access to the area.
    With a claimable area a person could place a sign with their username on the second line and then only they would be able to build there unless they placed another sign with the other persons username. People with the /area command clearance can bypass this and build/destroy in any area that has been claimed or unclaimed.

    You could also have commands like:
    /area del [area name]
    /area edit [area type] [area name]
    /area allow [player/group] [area name]
    /area properties [property] [enable/disable/auto]
    (using this you could disable/enable creeper explosions, PvP, PvE, certain mobs spawning there and health regen)

    Please give me your thoughts on this :)

    And just so people do not say "why don't you just use cubod or realms"
    I have decided to take on the idea of having lots of single aimed plugins, unlike cuboid, where each plugin specialises in one thing and creates only one feature. And for realms i do not like the commands and i think it is much to confusing to use, it would be nice to have a reasonably simple one like suggested above.

    I really hope someone makes this :)
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    I guess no one cares then :(
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    Well, cuboid is coming :p
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    I don't really like cuboid :(
    I have used it and have put my reasons for not using hMod in the OP
  5. Simple and nice, i want it.
    2 of my friends on my server have like a war so =)

    I dont want all that stuff cuboid have just the zone/protectet area thing.
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    You should read other requests i made 1 for this kind of thing called lockDown it was 1 of the first few posted in here

    Search b4 you post might be a good idea for the future.

    Still yes some thing like this is needed im not sure about the 3 -6 points 2 would do just fine.
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    You just described Borderlands' features using Realms' polygons...
    Also is Realms not "single aimed" enough for you?
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    Well if I can get my guest area set up with bukkit, I will be happy :D
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    I wouldn't suggest hosting a public server with craftbukkit yet...build right now are mainly for devs. Also it has spawn protection already (which i believe comes from the vanilla server, not positive though)
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    Agreed, all I need right now is spawn protection, guest area and an overall border to keep people from expanding the map. I don't care what plugin brings it but this is the only essential thing i need before i can get a bukkit server up.

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