A New Channel! Bukkit Tutorials by MineStein!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by MineStein, Jun 15, 2014.

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    I am starting a new series for those who are beginning Bukkit! This series will be updated every day (I hope).

    Well you should be! I have big plans for this series!

    Where can I find these 'tutorials'
    Right here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJyQPjG_9Mb1sxv_Ayel7gg

    Please be respectful in any posts you make, constructive criticism is appreciated though!
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    Is your mic integrated (part of a laptop) as there is a lot of background noise. The tutorial itself was fine, but after listening to the loud typing/clicking, I decided to stop watching. I recommend getting a better mic.
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    TheEntropy Yeah, I am aware. The problem with it is my Blue Yeti is having connection issues to my laptop.

    I will work on it! Thanks for the feedback :)
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    Some things that you could do in your tutorial to make it stand out.
    1. Recommend using IDE's other than Eclipse: Netbeans and IntelliJ I've found are a lot better. It's easier to start on one than moving your projects later (which is also something I've found :( )
    2. Your package should follow all lowercase conventions and you should go over the naming convention of it
    3. This one doesn't really matter but ... CTRL + SHIFT + O imports everything (I Believe CMD + SHIFT + O on Macs)
    4. Also what TheEntropy said
    Otherwise, keep it up :)
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    Alright, so I feel yah you're trying to step up the game and bring some tutorials to people who don't understand the Bukkit API. That is cool, but there are a couple things you need to improve on.

    The onEnable() and onDisable methods are not required methods. You can delete either one or even both and your plugin will still compile. Secondly, as standard to java, you should add @Override annotations above those methods when using them. This tells the compiler to second-guess itself when compiling. Thirdly, while in your main class, don't use the Bukkit instance. Use your JavaPlugin, or this keyword referring to your class (thus this).

    Another minor note that I might of misunderstood is that you said me.<package...> is a free package. I might of misunderstood, but the package could be anything. The me. base is just a standard, not a requirement. I know some people who have used their gmail (so gmail.<name>.<plugin>).
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    number1_Master Was gonna mention this as well alot of people assume the onEnable and onDisable or telling the console when it is enabled is required when it is not
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    Onlineids I was keeping the onEnable as a required method because in an upcoming tutorial, I do commands with a separate CommandExecutor other than my main class. Events are also coming up, and I need to use the PluginManager to register the events.

    Therefore, you are correct about the methods. But I do have plans for them.

    @number1_Master Yeah that was a bad wording of what me. is, I couldn't really think of a relatively basic way to say it.

    1) I considered Netbeans as the IDE. IntelliJ is what I use for my Bukkit development, but I decided against it. It is a little bit hard to follow when showing how to export the .jar

    2) Yep, realizing what you mean right now. I think you are definitely right about that!

    3) For some reason whenever I use the keybind it pulls up the Eclipse Search menu.

    4) Yep! Working on that today. Going to buy a temporary external until I can figure out what connectivity issues I am having.
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    Mavens? :p
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    xTrollxDudex I recognize IntelliJ as an excellent IDE, but Eclipse is (In my opinion) the best for starting off in Bukkit and Java development.
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    No, I haven't been coding for a long time since I got kicked off of my computer (iPad...) but you can get to it under project settings and then there's a bar for artifacts or builds or something... It takes 2 secs to compile anything for me...
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    xTrollxDudex Ok, I will consider using IntelliJ since you guys seem determined. :p
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    MineStein MineStein The part about the IDE is nonsense, everyone has their favorite IDE. I have been coding for a long time and I still use Eclipse because I think it's the best one out there.
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    On your profile why does it say you are 26?
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    ZodiacTheories Because I am! Joking of course, but that tends to be the age I set it to on my profiles. I don't know otherwise!

    werter318 Eclipse is very nice, I agree.

    Ok, I have posted a new video for the day. This time, it is in the form of a speed code! <3
    Check it!

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    You sound younger than I am...

    Yuck what do you use? Eclipse? Netbeans? Notepad++? IntelliJ is way better
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    xTrollxDudex Only posted that to anger people :p just let it happen

    PS: The only real way to code is Notepad on windows..

    MineStein xTrollxDudex Garris0n AoH_Ruthless Truth be told it shouldn't matter the IDE your using rather the person behind the keyboard.

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    provided tutorial is for users who don't ever have JDK or any IDE on PC at moment of starting tutorial, providing Eclipce as recommended IDE is OK for such case.

    1) oracle naming convention
    2) never ever use <init> or <cinit> section in tutorials for beginners, this is very harmful thing that should be used only in limited amount of cases.
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    Okay. You code by typing in Microsoft Word, I'll code in IntelliJ. We'll see who writes better code faster.
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    Garris0n Word? I use notepad... goml
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    xTrollxDudex I probably am younger than you are :p

    Onlineids Ok, you can go do that while I do all my Bukkit work inside an actual workspace XD

    Garris0n That would be interesting... even though it is obvious who wins ;)

    RawCode Ok, I really need to re-read the Oracle Tutorial's section on packages... I'm on it! :)
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    Is it bad that in these tutorials, that commentary is me shouting into my microphone?

    I'm working on it :p

    drtshock , giving myself the refresher right now :eek:

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    I must say, you are extremely mature for your age (at least the age I gathered from the tutorials). Keep up the good work man.

    Hmm... 11-12 perhaps?

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    Another tutorial perhaps?
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    MineStein Hmm ill take 300$ or 4million doge coins

    MineStein Looks very similar to like 4 other tutorial makers

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    I don't even know 4 tutorial makers who make videos on a regular basis :). Of course it will look familiar, I have to teach the basics, then fun stuff :D
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