A neat, flexible way to schedule a collection of effects to occur at given delays

Discussion in 'Resources' started by dumptruckman, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I was helping someone out on #bukkitdev and came up with this solution to their problem. It offers a way to schedule effects to occur in a given order after a certain amount of delay and at a location of your choice.
    I figured I'd post it here since it served a great learning experience for someone else and shows how to use a few things I don't usually see in plugins. :)

    And here it is:

    p.s. I never ran this through an IDE or compiled it so if I missed a colon or parenthesis then you'll just have to make do!

    Posting this little update here so I don't forget about it. Shinyclef left IRC before I could show him.


    This adds the ability to play and effect OR spawn a creature with minimal code changes.

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