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    Hello, I was just about to reply to the MusicCraft plugin thread when it got closed, and this was what I was going to post:
    Hello merciless , this reminds me of a very interesting plugin that I had seen one time. The plugin was a private plugin for the MinecraftWaffle server that took songs from some sort of a database, and then turned them into noteblock music, and then put a couple of noteblocks together, and had them automatically switch between the required notes and play them (WITHOUT SPOUT!). Any way that we could replicate this?
    Give me a minute, and I'll turn it into a proper formatted request.
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    So basicly your saying have like 3 - 5 noteblocks that play an entire song?
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    Yes. You can check that server, the noteblocks are right at spawn if you would like to see what I mean!
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    Well the only way i can think this would work (and it probably is this) is that it isn't just 5 noteblocks. A plugin on the server is changing the noteblock to one set to a different tone, therefore only needing a few. Chances are, the plugin has a pre-defined song set to play.
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    Yes! That is exactly what I had said! Is there any chance that you would be able to make a plugin that does this?
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    Well you would need to pick a song first.

    We can work from there (try something from like an 8 - bit game as that is what minecraft can do)
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    Sry didnt see it requierd a mod

    Good idea would be cool to see it i would have done it if i was better at java and database programming

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    Ok. I think the "Still Alive" 8-bit is the better choice for several reasons
    1. The "Gangnam Style" isn't true 8-bit (the notes are probably more 16 bit)
    2. Gangnam Style will not be popular forever, its just a hit song ATM
    3. I love portal and am very familiar with the song
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    I am just going to make something with pre-defined code.

    I decided to go to the server, and their plugin is amazing. The plugin they have decodes MIDI files and transfers the music to a specific note block. This was probably done by an expert coder.

    Luckily, I am best at making plugins that add stuff to the game without truly adding anything at all.

    BTW: I plan to make this a public plugin.
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    yup. Public is good for me! The one on that server is private, but I would like to have it (or a version of it), so I think that it would be best to have it be public!
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    Can't wait until you've finished it! Would like to run it on my server aswell, would be a very cool plugin. ;)
    Good luck coding!
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    This seems amazing!
    I would like to see it done as well.

    Classics that would also be amazing!
    All 8 bit :p

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    That plugin is rubbish, in my experience. Could never find a MIDI that would play correctly.

    I reccomend CraftBook. It has tons of stuff, along with the finest MIDI support I have ever found. Super easy to configure, no dependencies, and lets you play MIDI's with ease with just 1 sign and some redstone. :D
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    I agree with you on MIDIbanks, cadika_orade
    Is there anything else besides CraftBook. I don't want a whole plugin that does everything, just a light-weight plugin for MIDI stuff only.

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