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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nokturn, Jan 24, 2011.

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    How can i send text to all my Administrators, if a player toggles an event???

    I am sorry for my english.

    Thx Noki
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    Depends on what you have set as an admin. if you are using ops.txt then you will have to read names from the file into something like an array, then run through the array sending a message to each of the players. If using another plugin for user levels, I cannot help you.
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    Sorry for the missunderstanding I didn't mean to read the names of an file I just want to send a player a message like player.sendMessage() just for an spessific player like sendMessageToNokturn or so
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    for (Player player : plugin.getServer().getOnlinePlayers())
        if (player.isOp())
            player.sendMessage("Hello, world!");
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    I was saying that was necessary to get the administrators names, but if you hard code them in then fifteen's method is the way to go.
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