A "how did that item get in their inventory" plugin

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    Put simply, I want an inventory tracking (not storage) plugin. There are many times when server administrators and moderators have to deal with complains about people stealing items, and it would be nice to be able to find out exactly how items appear in people's inventories in the first place.

    Now, I know I could simply use a rollback-style plugin with logs, and filter through them to find 'pickup' 'drop' and 'chest-transaction' events, but I feel that filtering those would be hard for users of such a plugin.

    Now, I guess when it came down to it, it would be nice if this suggested plugin could in some way interact with block-logging plugins, namely Hawkeye and Logblock, providing an existing and solid backend for the whole tracking part. However, I'm sure that a standalone plugin could even do a better job than what a block-logger does, just depends on the implementation.

    In short, I want a plugin that could tell me where a player received a specific item. Whether they broke diamond ore then collected the diamond, or opened a chest owned by someone else, or picked up the drops that a dead player hasn't returned to retrieve. (Statistics, like "how many diamond ore blocks have they broken" would be nice too)

    I guess it would have to be quite lenient with time or distance, so if block 50,30,20 (x,y,z) was broken, and the diamond dropped on 50,26,21, it would still be registered as the same diamond.

    If possible, I would appreciate but not require, support with the following plugins: Lockette (chest/door locking plugin. For example "at the time of this transaction, the chest was owned by __ and __, but the protection was broken 2 days later) and Hawkeye (block tracking plugin, which uses MySQL).

    As a side request, would it also be possible to have an inventory-freeze command, so the player we're trying to look into cannot remove/change items in their inventory?

    Of course, the bare basics of this plugin would be greatly appreciated, even without the many minor requests I have added here and there.

    Anyway, thanks for at least reading my suggestion.
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    Most of this would be REALLY REALLY hard!
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    As I mentioned, bare basics would be more than enough, just if the developer is up for it the rest would be nice. And I didn't expect it to be easy, I simply asked in #bukkitdev if it was possible, then wrote up the post. :p
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    Space consuming for the server running it as well. (Unless MySQL cuz small)
    WizardCM Sorry to slightly derail there, if I was any good with Java, I'd totally help at least, but I'm still learning.
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    This is easy, but the log/db will be so big, i made a log plugin that track when some OP or player has the permission what he pick and drop , the ID, near players, etc.

    This is an example of the log:
    [19:54:7]-[23/10/2012] [Player: Player1] [Action: Drop] [Item: WOOL Data: 8] [Cuantity: 64] [Nearby Players: {Player2}]

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