A guy opped himself on my server when he only has been on for less then a minute.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Shadow12assassin, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. A guy wen ton my server, deoped me, opped himself. He said he made permissions plugin. I checked my plugin and he somehow got ALL the permssions. Hes a new person. Mohhumadhell was his user. How did he do it?
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    Do you have online-mode=true set?
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    Yah did you? Also logs maybe showing him when this event happened please.
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    o-o he was probably a hacker o-oo-o-o-o-o-o
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    There is no forceop with online-mode=true. none.
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    There is a new mediafire link, they are spreading it on my server like crazy.
    Had to keep /socialspy on for a week now and ban those that post that fake thing.

    Wonder where this BS started this time, its almost as bad as the "I am from PMC...."
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    Solution: only get plugins from dev.bukkit.org. We check every single file.
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    Think you misread, that isn't a plugin. :confused:

    It's a wanna be Forceop.exe, which is what I can only assume the thread starter downloaded.
    (or offline/bad plugin)
  9. Bukkitdev staff: I would like to make a quick note. People are spreading a mediafire link around with force op plugins on them. If only we could make it so plugins had to be verified </3
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    Im not sure what you mean? every plugin that is released at bukkit,are checked for bad code.If you download plugins from a shady site,you get these kinds of problems.As stated above.
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    Only plugins on BukkitDev. Plugins that are made in the Plugin Requests section are rarely checked, if you want someone to check it you'll have to ask people who can read/write java and are willing to check it.
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    yeah of course,if you request a plugin,you have to do what you say,i meant what is released by bukkit developers.what i meant most is,if you download plugins for bukkit,from a diffrent site,then bukkit,you never know what you get.
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    You could just use the Report button, no need to tag admins/mods :p
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    pft i find its not effective ;~;
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    That not a good pickup,not everyone have to use their minecraft name to sign up for Bukkit
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    Question, why will this not work for online-mode = true? Why only for online-mode = false?
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    online mode false = you can log in as anyone, including the admins.
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    Because online-mode=false is like leaving your door unlocked and wide open, then complaining when you get unwelcome visitors. There is absolutely no security.

    Online-mode=false should only be used for testing purposes and never to run a public server with.

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