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    Plugin category: general

    Suggested name: LeKit

    What I want: A simple kits plugin with the following features:
    - Gui (chest) Where you put stuff in and they turn into a kit
    - Support for lores, written books, enchanted items, stacks, etc...
    - First joiners automatically get a defined a kit set by a command ex: /kit <name> makeauto
    - POSSIBLY: Colors for books <=== Outside feature
    - multiple kit support (ofcourse)
    - Every kit has a specific permission ex: if player has permission lekit.tools <=== player can only use tools and any other kit with its permission
    - Delay interval between every use
    - option to use a specific kit ONCE only.
    - economy support
    - feature so if a player ranks up they auto get a defined kit once

    Ideas for commands: /kit create <name> *gui opens* /kit edit <name> *gui opens* /kit create onetime <name> (for onetime uses) /kit create <name> <time> <= for delay intervals for every use /kit first create (first joiners' kit) /kit first modify (modify it) /kit (for a list of kits) /kit buy <== buy a kit

    Ideas for permissions: lekit.<name> <== permission to use a kit | lekit.admin <== create kits etc...

    When I'd like it by: In a week please :3
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    Essentials covers all of this except for the gui part. Here is a link to the Kits on their wiki which explains everything on how to set it all up. Optionally you can use GroupManager that is also made by the same developers.
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    Chaositic There are reasons i don't want to use essentials kits....
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