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    I occasionally like to give rewards when we reach a certain goal of players. I give out a few diamonds or something depending on the goal we've reached. Its very hard to individually give every person the item.

    I'm guessing this wouldn't be very hard to create depending on the author. I'm sure a lot of server owners would enjoy this plugin as well.
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    CommandBook: "/give * <item> <amount>"
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    In my opinion i really do not like CommandBook because I love to use essentials a lot more. However they conflict with eachother so that is not an option. Does essentials have a command like this?
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    I give you an idea when your server reaches a certain goal make a drop party and like if there are 10 players on your server give out ten diamonds randomly and people will be lucky to get them and even a better idea is to make a match of somekind like pvp and the winner will like get a diamond block this way it will be much more fun for your players
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    Nice fake signature :D
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    Lol but do you like the idea and how can i make a real signature
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    I do drop parties too, but for this kind of situation i want to give everyone even amounts of things.
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    Top right corner, press your name (Saadat) and select Signature.
    And yes i do like the idea. He should make it so every player has the same gear, and you can buy that gear from "Event Shop" or something.
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    Yeah that will be nice
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    commandbook and essentials dont conflict, commandbook just overrides the commands. you can take commandbook and erase all commands off plugin.yml except give
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    i can make it if you want
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    That'd be amazing Wolf :)
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    [quote uid=90601588 name="Sk8erdude" post=1304198]Th
    That'd be amazing Wolf :)[/quote]
    i will have it done very shortly

    just having difficulty select everyone on the server

    will be done very very soon though

    EDIT: fixed it, do you only give diamonds?

    EDIT: Running Tests, Still need to know first edit question

    Here is the download link,

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    atm you can only give diamonds to everyone

    i will update it however so you can configure want you want to give

    hope you like it

    if you spot any bugs/errors then pm me and i will fix them for you

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    Thanks so much! I'll let you know any bugs in this forum? Or is there a page for the plugin?
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    i will link you to the dev page once its approved :)

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