Solved A first spawn for new people and the normally spawn

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by P1G0M, Aug 13, 2012.

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    I've got a quesion:
    In my server, i have a room with signs and the rules of my server, this room I want to set it for the spawn, but not the normally spawn, i want to set there the point where the users appear for the first time in the server, but then, when they go to \spawn, I want to teleport them to the really spawn of the server.
    So can I do this?

    Here an example:
    When an user enters to the server for the first time, appears to a room called room1, but then, when he goes to /spawn, he's teleported to another room called room2 where is the spawn.

    I hope you understand me and you can help me.

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    You can do this with essentials spawn I believe.
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    Yeah but wich commands can I use?
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    if config unedited, /setspawn newbies for firstspawn, and /setspawn for normal one
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    Ok, thanks, but if I use this, have I to set a permissions grup for newbies and then a permissions group for normal users?
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    newbies isnt a group. its the default setting on config.yml for new spawn command.
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    In the Essentials config.yml (line 583) is the option:
    spawnpoint: newbies
    Here you can give your "new player" spawn a name. The command to set this spawn is /setspawn newbies (or whatever you may have changed it to in the config).
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    Ok, thanks for all of you, I will try this option, if there is a problem, I will post it :)

    EDIT: Thanks! I do it and there isn't any problem! It works fine!
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