A file to run MCRC 0.5.3!!!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Grief'd man, Aug 27, 2011.


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    Grief'd man

    --- Removed for being horrible. ---
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    Grief'd man

    I hope you enjoy the file! Just let me know when you need any other assistance!
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    Same here? and what is a MCRC 0.5.3 file or whatever it is?
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    Grief'd man

    It just runs the Minecraft Custom Recipe Creator. I just made it do it by running the file.
  6. Well it's just a batch file with...
    java -jar MCRC.jar
    How does that help people that have mis-configured Java ? =) it still searches for Java the same way double clicking does... unless double clicking doesn't work on other operating systems :confused: =)

    Still, if you had a problem that prevented that program from running you should've posted in the program thread instead of making a standalone "fix".
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    The thread title needs more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know right!!!!!!!

    No but seriously, look at the original post - exclamation marks are used at the end of every single sentence. Think of the suffering periods, man! They deserve their time in the spotlight too.
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