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    This actually is more a call out to developers.

    Having ran a roleplay community for.. 14ish months now, the UUID implimentations from mojang have well.. defeated my own coding capabilities and i lack the knowledge of how to update the plugins we have been running all this time.

    I'd like to call out to developers and possibly have a few updates and developments created for the server i run. I can give more details for the project, but i/we behind the server will be willing to provide contributions to the projects in many ways.

    Our primary project is switching out land claiming system over to support UUID's if this be simply updating the plugin, or rewriting it from scratch.. I also have a desire to switch the plugin over to Database from flatfile.. if possible. There are other, smaller projects available.. but i'm looking more to getting the more important one out of the way first..

    I am aware paid commissions are frowned upon when it comes to the minecraft community, so for that reason i'd like to possibly work something else out.. Otherwise, if anyone is interested in doing some project work and has a good understanding of how to code more complex plugins, then please contact me.

    Thanks Bukkit Community!
  2. Otherwise, there are some helpful posts on how to switch to the UUIDs. I think this would be better in Plugin development, but don't take my word for it.
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    Locked. This isn't really a plugin request...

    Places you may wish to post instead:

    Plugin Development - if you have coding-type questions or want specific help with some of the plugins you're working on.
    Show off your Bukkit Server - if you wish to make a developer recruitment post for your server. Please keep in mind that this section is also for server advertising, so you will need to include at least a brief description of your server and the server's IP. Here's a quick link to the posting guidelines so you can review them.
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