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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MC:2070, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    I have got a few Questions, because my Lobby Plugin doesn't work, like it should.

    I have the following problems:
    • ScoreBoard isn't showed
    • If the user is not in the database, he should be added, but this does not happen
    • The MySQL Ban Commands are not working, I dont know why


    LobbyListener: http://pastebin.de/35136
    MySQL: http://pastebin.de/35137
    PlayerManager: http://pastebin.de/35138
    Scoreboard: http://pastebin.de/35139
    Main: http://pastebin.de/35140
    UBPlayer: http://pastebin.de/35141
    BanCommand: http://pastebin.de/35142

    Plugin.yml : http://pastebin.de/35143

    I'am really sorry for my bad english, but I'am from Germany. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I'am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Faithfully yours
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    In your BanCommand, if your commands are not working make sure you add @Override on the line above so it looks like this:

    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender cs, Command cmd, String label, String[] args)
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    MC:2070 I wouldn't get the player's name through their display name.
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    Player.getName() not displayName
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    He's saying that it's better to get a Player by player.getName() rather than player.getDisplayName(), not that storing the interface is more preferable for him.
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    Unknowncmbk I don't think you understanded his post. He's basically saying to use the getName() method other than the getDisplayname() method, not storing the player's instance.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by sayaad
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    I figured it was a given that a player's display name could be changed *facepalm*
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