A few 1.2.3 plugins?

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    Hey everyone I was wondering if you could help me find some plugins I've been looking for since 1.1 and now were at 1.2.3 so I'd like to continue my search and edit my server with the help of all the bad-asses on Bukkit//Dev X-D​
    Thanks in advance for your help!​
    1. NPC's
    2. Rpg plugin with levels/skills/item-restrictions/spells
    3. Multi-worlds (with world inventory's)
    4. Server messenger (spams server messages at set intervals)
    5. Ranks compatible with Towny
    6. Priorty slots? I only have 10 due to my bandwidth cap
    7. Global banking system(Classic MMO style with Npc's)
    8. Something to help reduce lag issues
    9. Block logging/Grief rollbacks/Whodunit?! (I've heard Block Log and a few others have combined into one?)
    Thanks again for your help everyone! =)
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    Just wait for your current plugins to update.

    Sorry I misunderstood your question.

    1. Citizens
    2. MCMMO
    3. Idk off the top of my head
    4. Broadcaster
    5. Just use PermissionsEx
    6. Just set admin-slots to true in the server config, or use VIP
    7. iConomy
    8. NoLagg
    9. HawkEye, LogBlock, BigBrother

    Hope I helped

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    I am just wanted to explore some other ones others are using XD

    Thanks for the feedback ill look into this ASAP =)
    I'm using Mcmmo at the moment but was looking into customiseing classes/item restrictions per class. and also using with magicspells to restrict certain levels from spells.
    With the Reserve slots i'm looking for donators/set priority people instead of admins, dont want to make people admins/ops when they don't need to be.
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    If you still want a plugin that can support multiple worlds, try geting Multiverse-Core. It's a great plugin, but it does not support multiple inventories. For that, get a plugin called MultiInv. I've been using it for a while, and it works great! You can even share inventories between specified worlds.

    Hope this helps,
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    9. Well, if you want to combat lag, and need a anti-grief plugin, you might want to try SWatchdog, it requires no setup, you just put it in your plugins folder and it starts working. And its aimed to use as little resources as possible, to help you combat lag.

    BigBrother seems to be inactive, and I am not sure if it works anymore =/
    LogBlock is good, but we didn't have MySQL database access locally, and we don't want to buy a database just for a plugin, but its worth a try if you have MySQL database at your host.

    1. HerCraft heroes is very cool in my opinion, plaid on a server where it was installed, got wizards and all
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    Thanks for the input!! does that Multiverse-Core support portals? like custom made ones?
    I currently have Swatchdog Just getting used to using it i used to have log-block but for some reason i get a bunch of errors. If you have any tips for a beginner! =)
    I'm very interested in Hercraftheroes It's beta tho?? So it might be buggy??
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    Post the erorrs? And also post it on swatchdog..
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    Oh? If you're having errors with LogBlock, you should make ticket about it, so the author can improve. Or if you meant errors with SWatchdog, please make a ticket at SWatchdog bukkit page, describing the error and providing the circumstances that led to the said error, and I'll look into it first thing tomorrow morning (going to bed atm.)

    EDIT: Seems zecheesy beat me to it :)

    As for HeroCraft Heroes, its actually very old plugin, even if it is still in beta. It used to be on the server I was playing on, but they changed from PvP to SMP, a more peaceful approach, so they stopped using it, and many other PvP related plugins. I don't actually know hows it been lately, but it just used to be real neat.
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    i'm going to start working on a global economy system soon.

    as for a LogBlock type anti-grief, i just use LogBlock. the big three are combining soon, can't wait to see the result!
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    Sorry for #7 I meant something like the classic MMO style with item slots and npc's, maybe purchasable slots also.

    What do you mean by a global economy? I'm currently using Towny for my server.
    I also meant to put classic MMO style banks with npc's and such.

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