A couple plugins for new server will be very much appreciated!

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BandDboys, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Hello this is BandDboys and I am the secondary owner of a new server called RustyGaming and we are having some trouble finding plugins or the plugins don't work

    1st plugin We would like is a groups plugin with easy commands and that we could have names like owner, admin, mod, etc and that actually assigns certain groups with permission instead of having to op all staff.

    2nd plugin that would be useful is a plugin that you could make multiple worlds and have portals to get to each one (I know what you are thinking "BandDboys why don't you just get multiverse?" well its because on my server multiverse doesn't work and the portals aren't working with world-edit)

    3rd plugin is a fun-hub plugin that has the basic /hub /lobby commands and when you log on it says a customizable welcome message. Players can double-jump, throw snowballs at other players and earn points, and grapple around or have an infinity teleport bow that shoots arrows that when collide with a surface (like an enderpearl) teleport the player there.

    4th and final one is a mini-games party plugin that actually reloads its arenas when finished and that has the regular mini-games such as: spleef, TNT run, king of the hill, etc.

    Thank you very much in advance,
    - The owners of RustyGaming
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  3. @BandDboys What doesn't work? Errors? Please say more than just 'doesn't work'
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    i could help you make your server, cause i am really good with Groupmanager, Multiverse and i can give you plugins for your hub and Compass (sep. plugins). The minigames are easy to find just a hastle to set-up.

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