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Discussion in 'Bukkit Project Feedback' started by kronflux, 28, 2011.

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    Is the Minecraft/Bukkit community interested in doing a custom server like Bukkit for Terraria?
    It's getting more and more popular, especially due to how cheap it is.(particularly during christmas sales)
    There are a couple custom servers out there for it, which add some functionality, but nothing very customizable.
    For example, with TShock, the server admin is forced into anti-cheat protection(hacked stacks of items, etc), as well as user groups, and user verification.
    I'd rather the features be optional, and nobody seems to have started any custom servers for it which allow a vanilla Terraria server, with the ability to add features.
    I know many Minecraft players, as well as likely bukkit developers play Terraria. It's simple, it's fast, it's fun.
    So I'm wondering what the interest level/likelihood of the community picking up Terraria for development of a custom server is?
    It is preferred that only developers reply to this thread, unless it is user agreement(such as "yeah, I'd love to see this too!" sort of thing)
    I'm not interested in a debate of why it should or shouldn't be picked up. I'm scoping a realistic answer from the developers of Bukkit, and developers in general as to whether it is something we can expect or look forward to.(or to promote the interest in doing so)
    Thanks for your time.
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    I don't see how starting such a project from scratch would make any sense, especially if something like TShock already exists and gets support and gets actively developed. So I highly doubt that any of the Bukkit or plugin developers would want to start such an endevour.
  3. I know I won't be coding for Terraria. Its coded in C# (I think it is, XNA?), and I have no experience with that.
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    C# is very similar to Java. I actually made a small Terraria plugin for TDSM.
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