A Basic Timer For Commands

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Chef-Scott, May 9, 2020.

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    Category: Utility/Commands
    Version: 1.15.2
    Suggested Name: A Literal Timer
    The Idea: Timing events is very big on a lot of servers, sometimes it could be because you have a minigame that lasts a specified time, other times it could be teleporting players to a spawn or hub after a specified "Lobby roam" time, maybe it's timing monster spawns in your world, Could even be as simple as deleting blocks after a certain time. Right now the way to make a timer is by using the scoreboard system and it is a bit finnicky at best, unusable at worst. My idea is to create a plugin that allows owners and Dev's to execute a command as client or player and time it to execute at a specified time or after a trigger is reached begin a countdown.

    Example: Begin a countdown to delete blocks after a minigame starts.
    Use: When the command to send players to spawn runs, the command to begin the timer is also activated, when the timer hits 0 the command is run. Smooth and effective.

    Commands: /Time command "time till activation" {the command}
    /Time Command At "Any time on the minecraft day night cycle" {the command}
    /Time Command Every "how often to execute the command" {the command}
    /Time Command Reset (for stopping all running timers and deleting them)
    also a /time command on/off
    the units usable being seconds(s), minutes(m), and hours(h), anything past that or below it would be a bit excess

    I have no time requirement for this it just seemed very useful for me and for others. Let me know what you think
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    I like this idea....I think I will start getting to work on this. :)
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    @Chef-Scott Do you want the command to be run as if by the player or console. By this i mean, if its run by the player then the player will need the permission that the player would have needed etc. If run by console, some commands do not work.
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    I think running it as console would work best because if you run it as a player the player needs to be online correct? If I'm wrong about that then definitely player. because you could run it through an OP and that would solve the permissions problem.
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    You're correct in saying that the player would need to be online, I'll start work on this plugin now

    EDIT: @Chef-Scott Just finished the plugin, i was able to do everything but running the day night cycle timer (the only way that i know of is to check every couple seconds which is quite intensive on the server, I will try and find a way for a later version of the plugin). Here's a link to the plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/commandtimers.79104/
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