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    As an admin of a server, I often find myself in situations with too many people 'crowding' around me, often making the job of dispute resolution difficult.

    I would like to request someone make a plugin that would allow me the following command.

    /backoff - on its own moves all players a minimum of 50 blocks away from me
    /backoff <integer> - optional integer value to allow me to move them a different distance eg /backoff 100 moves them a minimum of 100 blocks away
    /backoff <player1> <player2> - adding player names after the command would EXCLUDE them from the backoff command, eg it moves ALL players 50 squares away EXCEPT those players I list after the command.

    This would make disputre resolution easier as I could make all those not involved, BACK OFF.

    Hopefully someone likes this idea and picks it up ;)
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    Ok, I wrote something similar to your request. Some of the requested features were a bit too time consuming so I'm going to post the source code if you want to further modify it.

    You type /backoff to make it so no one can get close to you, doesn't exactly teleport them away from you though.
    You type /backoff <name> to add players to backoff immunity, you can add yourself to it with this same command

    There's an issue with anyone getting close to you being unable to move, it would be easy to fix this if someone codes teleporting them outside the backoff radius.

    Download Source

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