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    Hello! I am looking for a uhc plugin that is fully automated.
    What i wanted: Uhc Plugin
    Commands: /team invite (Player) ( Max 3 players per team)
    / team accept (Player)
    /uhc start
    Fetures: New map generation after every game
    1.8 world border that moves X amount of blocks everykill.
    Custom kits (Chosen in Game Lobby)
    Game Lobby
    Scoreboard to show where border is and who team mates arr, Shows teams left, Shows players left
    No strength or regeneration 2 potions
    Full daylight cycle.
    No naturalhealth regenerations.
    Kit upgrades that can be bought via command such as. /uhc buy (rank)
    custom created kits.
    20 tokens per 10 mins of survival. so run command /tokens give (player) 20
    spectator mode. When in spectator mode they spawn with a stick that when left clicks takes them to the hub
    kicked back to hub when the game is over.
    When do i want this:
    As soon as possible but no rush.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to Bukkit alternatives.
    @h0ck3yb0y19 Please list all gameplay features as well
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