#953 Memory Leak & Crashes

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Legionarius, Jul 6, 2011.

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    I'm on 977 and hte same thing happens
  2. I used 977 and 976 and both seem to have a bug where after a while all blocks cease to exsist. You can't use jumpto and if you place a block the one under it goes as well as the one you just placed.
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    The memory leak for 593 was reported here (upvote it if it applies to you). I have been running #977 but still am getting a major memory leak as well :( The best way to attract attention is to post or upvote the Issues at http://leaky.bukkit.org/projects/bukkit/issues
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    Hmm. I am still unsure, but it seems as if our issues with the memoryerror is gone. At least, it has diminished.

    Some fool of an admin, we're three and a half maintaining our server, had changed the run.bat to force bukkit to use 32 bit java (again, we've updated to 64 a couple of days ago). We're running 64 bit OS and java now, and so far it's been working fine.
    Before I always had to restart the server in the morning, but this morning it was fine. So, we'll see how it goes.

    Tip: Try use 64bit if possible.
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    Lunar Delta

    Been having this problem too. Java heap starts out small, and then grows... and grows and grows and grows, until it takes up all of the memory I've assigned to it and more. About 2 to 5 hours after start-up I start getting [WARNING] Can't keep up! errors, and if I let it continue, I eventually get a continuous stream of read timeouts.

    Using VirtualVM, I can see the used memory graph constantly bumping up against the top of the total heap size graph, giving it a sawtooth wave-like appearance. This always happens regardless of the amount of users on. Really ridiculous. A server with only 15 people on shouldn't be filling up 4GB of memory in only a few hours.
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